The Oddmall Awesome Squad


Gosh, it sure is challenging to run such a huge show all by our little lonesomes. If only we had some people in our lives, an Oddmall Awesome Squad, for example, it might make our lives worth living. For example, if we had some peeps who could help us beforehand by distributing fliers across the land and talking to potential vendors and sponsors at shows we can’t make it to, that would just be the beans! Also, if we had a core group of amazing friends, some stalwart and (presumably) handsome peeps, to help us during the show, that would make the beans even cooler. We need help with all sorts of things and we’d really be appreciative if your could lend us a bit of your time. Whether you want to make a long-term commitment to help out over the next few months or you just want to lend a hand for a few hours at the show you’d really be doing us a solid if you joined the Squad.

Here’s a brief list of a few things we need help with:

Before the Show

Distributing Flyers Talking to Potential Sponsors (you can even earn some money this way. (Ask me how!)

Recruiting Vendors.

Otherwise Spreading the Word (facebook, google+, that Twitter thing the kids are always talking about, etc…).

At the Show

Setting stuff up (lifting things and putting them back down).


Making sure the guests and vendors are happy.


Assisting the Performers.

Closing Down.

Being a Groundhog. I mean gopher.

Wearing a sign and walking around outside (bonus points if you wear stilts).

Signing up vendors for next time.

If any of that jazz sounds like it’s down your sidewalk we’d love to have you onboard.


Send an email to Captain Slinky csoddmall@gmail.com

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