Fairy Hollow

Welcome to F.A.E. Hollow & Friends!

Games, Face-painting, Fairy Hair, Pixie Portraits, Caricatures, Juggling, Ballooning Twisting, Treasure Hunts and more!  At Oddmall’s Fairy Hollow, your wee ones will have a FAEry fun time engaging in our children’s activities and games!


CLICK to Meet the us & Join the FAEmily!

Who will you find?

:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: is from the Emerald City in the Kingdom of Cascadia.  She wings it around the PNW to attend parties, birthdays, celebrations, workshops, Renasissance Faires and festivals where ever the fae are welcome!

She is also a YouTube personality on the FAE Productions channel reading audio fairytales, stories and magical workshops. She has written a children’s book based on her adventures with younglings at conventions, Renaissance faires and fantasy festivals.

You’ll not find another fairy like her in all the kingdom.  Invite her to your next party!



Step into our photo booth and get a complimentary “Pixie Portrait” with :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: and the Sugarplum Fairy!  These are 2 x 3″ (business card sized) photos printed on site for you to take home. 🙂






Emily has always loved drawing faces! How is it that just a couple of lines can capture the essence of someone’s face? You will see when you watch her draw! Emily got started doing caricatures professionally after posting her work online (Facebook.com/FacesByMcVick) and friends and strangers alike began commissioning her to draw their family portraits. Since then Emily has been drawing for people all around the country, and also in other countries. She draws business promos, wedding presents, and also has been caricaturing special events here in Seattle. Follow her on Instagram: @FacesByMcVick



Adria the Juggler is a PNW entertainer specializing in family oriented, audience interactive, comedy juggling. She travels the Northwest appearing at private parties, corporate events, Renaissance faires and festivals. Adria performs shows, instruction and team building activities. Private, community, public and corporate bookings available.





Leaflock_SFF2014_006Leaflock is a Forest Fairy. She is a young, pixie-ish tropical fairy who travels with the court wheresoever FAE Hollow may appear.  Children especially love to give her hugs and touch her fairy wings to see what they feel like.  Her small stature makes it easy for her to flit around “pixie pinching” unsuspecting humans but never fear!  This is just her way of leading mortals to the FAE Hollow where they can then use their clothes-pin “pinch” to clip a dream to the dream tree.





F.A.E. Pictures












Postcard_Signup1Sign up here for your own Fairy Pen-pal.  Each month you (or a spriteling you know *wink*) can receive a post card in the snail-mail.

Getting a letter is like getting a gift in the mail!




Caricature1Get a Color Caricature by Emily McVick!  You can do one, a couple or the whole family! You can include any clothing, hobbies, maybe a pet. You receive it cut and ready to slip into any standard 8″X10″ frame.







Read a real-life Fairytale about :**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:!  She is on a quest to find the lost Will o’Wisps. With the help of her magical friends Lili, Connor & Tristan the Dragon they search high and low through Sherwood forest. Join the group as they learn about friendship and teamwork on their journey!

Based on a true story and illustrated by Herb Leonhard Art.

You can listen to the Audio Fairytale reading here!

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