Creepsmas 2


Creepsmas is that wonderful, magical period of time that starts at sunrise on November 1st and ends with the Shopping Nightmare known as “Black Friday”, where you’re not quite done with Halloween, but it’s almost time to put up the tree! The “Creepsmas 2” event is our second annual celebration of the wonderous season, and is the perfect compromise where the two Holidays can meet somewhere in the middle! It’s your perfect chance to find those perfect, weird, odd, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list! With over a HUNDRED different, unique, hand-chosen local artists, crafters and vendors to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the type of stuff you never even knew you were looking for!


PNW KRAMPUS and his Brats will be in attendance both days starting at Noon, ready for all your Krampusish Creepsmas Family Photo needs! This year, instead of making you wait for images to be uploaded by a professional photographer, we have decided to cut out the middle and get your pictures IMMEDIATELY by taking pictures with the tiny professional photography studio we all keep in our pockets, YOUR VERY OWN CELL PHONE! We will have a Cell Phone Photography Specialist (aka “A Teenager”) ready to assist in getting the perfect picture for you on your very own equipment so you’ll have it RIGHT NOW! Won’t that be nice?

THE SQUATCHO MAN – Part Legendary Cryptid, part 1980’s Professional Wrestler, this local legend will be in attendance courtesy of Retro Emporium Kent and ready to be spotted! Snap a picture of him and post it online with the hashtag “#CREEPSMAS2” for a chance to win a prize pack of retro prizes! More details about our Hashtag Photo Contest coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

MONOCULON THE OBSERVER will be crossing over from Dimension 27-A to observe (obviously) and see if our dimension is inhabitable/hospitable to beings from all Level 27 Dimensions. Monoculon swears that this is NOT an intelligence gathering operation for any kind of hostile invasion or anything, and at first I thought that sounded kind of sus but then Monoculon asked me to look into their eye and concentrate and then I heard a loud humming and I got a nosebleed and I don’t know, I mean, Monoculon just seems like somebody we can trust.


I get questions about this all the time, so why not make it part of the website? We will be following any and all State and Local mandates regarding COVID, which could mean that we all have to wear masks at the drop of a hat. I, personally, LOVE the masks and encourage them – allergies are a pain! But as of right now, there are no mandates in place. HOWEVER! Little insider tip for anyone who actually reads this section? You are MUCH more likely to win one of our “Over A Hundred Valuable* Door Prizes” if yoou are wearing a mask than you are to win without one 😉


With over 100 Artists, Crafters and other assorted Oddities, you’ll need this! Use this handy-dandy Map & Vendor Listing to find all your favorites or discover somebody new!

001 – New & Vintage Toys and Games055 – Tubes for Your Face by G&H
002 – Badger Burrow Studios056 – Whiskey Terra Foxtrot
003 – Natures-witness057 – NGKawaiiCrafts
004 – Faith Dreams Jewelry058 – Not So Plain Jayne’s Junk
005 – Faith Dreams Jewelry059 – Predatory Perennials
006 – Crooksy Creations060 – Sir Lonebuck’s House of Comics
007 – Kori Cuddle Plush061 – CreepyCupies
008 – Pretty Decent Goods062 – Frakking Bombs
009 – Skydragons063 – Radiant Ruby
010 – Hex LLC064 – Chibi Yeti
011 – Russell Hodgkinson Zombabes065 – Sunshine Dread Beads
012 – Becca Makes Buttons LLC066 – Life of the Kind
013 – Element 83 Creations067 – Pedestrianwolf
014 – Silas Goewey Art068 – Patty Cakes Bakes
015 – Kaminsky Crafts LLC069 – Art by Shannon Eagle
016 – My Curse Purse070 – The Caffeinated Artists
017 – Caerulean Candle Co.071 – Chima Linga studio
018 – Ruben the Artist072 – Barnett Books
019 – Chameleon Foot Studios073 – Phoenix T Publishing and Media Literacy LLC
020 – Patched Up Puff074 – Art by Erika Rae Heins
021 – timmy tombstone075 – eli wolff
022 – Gardenfairytrinkets076 – Gaia’s Roots, LLC
023 – Magical Me!077 – Cryomera
024 – Witch Way Books078 – Crystal’s Idyll
025 – Element83Creations079 – Crystal’s Idyll
026 – Shanna Duncan Art080 – Rutapillar Creations
027 – Pie Slice Dice081 – osteocephaly
028 – Mixed Illusions082 – Jay Palmer Books
029 – Mixed Illusions083 – Studio Top Hat
030 – Swimming the Feels084 – Smiling Zen
031 – Kupava Art Home085 – Wooley Sunshine Studios
032 – Crystal’s Crazy Creations086 – Alanor
033 – Buddha Cat Pottery087 – Alanor
034 – Crown of Bone088 – Brigid’s Whispers
035 – Pilchuck Soap Company089 – Creative Scentsations
036 – Curious Nature Studio and Wisparia090 – Creative Scentsations
037 – Overly Hyper-Focused091 – Creative Scentsations
038 – Creatures By Red092 – Creative Scentsations
039 – Creatures By Red093 – Raven Spirit Gifts
040 – Pandora House Crafts094 – Frozencritters
041 – Sevenish Magpies095 – Katy White Art LLC
042 – ZomBambie Crochet096 – Fir Tree Point
043 – Art of Julie Okahara097 – Cultivation Games
044 – The Werd Nerd098 – Cultivation Games
045 – Harmon-e crafts099 – Little Dumpling Arts
046 – ThicCatCrafts100 – For A Lark
047 – Mishu101 – Worlds in 3D
048 – Blasted102 – Highfive Laser Engraving and 3D Printing
049 – Junior Braves/Retro Emporium103 – The Crochet Hut
050 – Choosematic Books104 – CookeKat
051 – GingeryArtistry105 – Forest Fancies
052 – The Black Flag106 – Mr. Voidself Art
053 – Beauty & Geek107 – Horse ‘n’ Round Studio
054 – Beauty & Geek108 – Uncle Stinky’s Magic & Entertainment


The Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “Merry Creepsmas” event will be located at The Evergreen State Fairgrounds Building 600 (“The Don Britton Livestock Pavillion”) in Monroe, Washington. The building where the OLD Oddmall had always been held, Building 400 (“The Commercial Building”) is scheduled for demolition before our Oddmall, and I SWEAR I had nothing to do with it! I have an alibi! So anyways, SOMETIMES the Google Maps gives weird directions on how to get to our exact building, so just look for the signs. If you turn off US Highway 2 at Cascade View Drive? That’s your most direct route. But really, just follow the signs and you’ll be good!


We have SO MUCH FREE PARKING!!! There are limited Handicap and Non-Handicap spots near the front of the building, and then an ENTIRE EMPTY RV PARKING LOT that is ready for us to fill! Here we have both a picture of the Cascade View entrance to our Free Parking, as well as a map of the entire fairground for in case you miss the Cascade View Drive turn and end up at the opposite end of the fairgrounds from us!