“Sprung” is an art, craft and gift show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington, that is also a celebration of Spring for people who are sick and tired of having the outdoors try and kill them EVERY DAY with pollen, sunshine and fresh air! I mean hey, we get it – lots of people can hardly wait for mowing the lawn, wearing cargo shorts and planting a garden. Maybe you even love a nice bike ride or hike through one of our National, State or Local Parks! But for US, all Springtime means is we need to buy more Dayquil, switch from Claritin to Zyrtec, and figure out how many Tylenol PM one needs to take in order to balance out the buzz from a dose of Sudafed. And so we call this time “Sprung”, past-tense, because by April 30th we’re over a FULL MONTH into Spring and we are OVER IT.

So at the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “Sprung” Art, Craft & Gift Show, you will find all sorts of PG-13 stuff that appeals to us “Indoorsy Types” check out the map and vendor list below! Each one a hand-picked vendor by us to fit in with our uniquely Goth, Punk, Weird, Horror, Creative, Occult, Bizarre, Wonderful lifestyle!

And you folks who actually LIKE Springtime? You can come, too šŸ™‚


Apply to be a vendor! Click the map!
001 – Ethnic Group of Africa051 – Edge of Town Designs
002 – Badger Burrow Studios052 – Trouve Trouve
003 – Natures-witness053 – Treasures of Then & Now
004 – Evil Thread054 – Treasures of Then & Now
005 – Crooksy Creations055 – Sevinish Magpies
006 – Crown of Bone056 – Chibi Yeti
007 – Pie Slice Dice057 – Kings Wand
008 – Creative Scentsations058 – Barnett Books LLC
009 – Creative Scentsations059 – Brier Rose
010 – Creative Scentsations060 –
011 – Inside Out of The Box061 – Sir Lonebuck’s House of Comics & Geekery
012 – Hot Belly Animals062 – Wisparia
013 – Element 83 Creations063 – Magical Me Gems
014 – Element 83 Creations064 – Treasures of Then & Now
015 – Predatory Perennials065 – Treasures of Then & Now
016 – Bewilderness066 – Patty Cakes Bakes
017 – Chima Linga Studio067 – SewCherie
018 – Cryomera068 – Sunshine Dread Beads & Glass
019 – Alanor069 – Caerulean Candle Co.
020 – Alanor070 – Teabirdy
021 – ShadyLampLady071 –
022 – Boots and Cats LLC072 – Goodbye Zach
023 – Frakking Bombs073 – Curious Nature Studio
024 – Erickson Creations074 – Smiling Zen
025 – Code Ninjas Mill Creek075 – CreepyCupies
026 – Frozencritters076 –
027 – Raven Spirit Gifts077 – Gingery Artistry
028 – Katy White Art LLC078 – The Black Flag
029 – Mel’s Critters079 – Creatures By Red
030 – Faith Dreams Jewelry080 – Pandora House Crafts LLC
031 – Avalon Apiaries081 – G & H
032 – 082 – Personal Space Art
033 – eli wolff083 – C&F 3D Printing
034 – Crystal’s Idyll084 – Studio Top Hat
035 – Timmy Tombstone & Fantasma Bizarro085 –
036 – Patched Up Puff086 –
037 – Crystal’s Crazy Creations087 –
038 – Me, You and RUNES088 –
039 – Mixed Illusions089 –
040 – Mixed Illusions090 –
041 – Dauntless Design091 –
042 – Rutapillar Creations092 –
043 – Prez Foundation093 –
044 – Levitation Soap Co.094 –
045 – Crystal’s Idyll095 –
046 – Plastic Heretic096 –
047 – Sassy097 –
048 – Simply Medieval098 –
049 – Art By Tobias099 –
050 – Radiant Ruby100 –


WE GOT FOOD TRUCKS! Tacos, Fried Dough and Coffee, what else could you possibly ask for in life?

  • SHARINA BEANS COFFEE and their adorable Retro Coffee Trailer will be back, and I love it! I consider them to be our go-to Coffee People!
  • TACOS MONTE ALBAN will provide us with an absolutely stellar assortment of Tacos, Burritos and other “Real Food” offerings!
  • FUNNEL OF LOVE will be deep-frying ALL THE THINGS!!! Funnel Cakes and Elephant Ears are just the beginning!


Click the angry gamers to apply!

If there’s one thing we Sprung folk love, it’s the indoorsiest of indoor activities – TABLETOP GAMES. Board Games, Miniatures Games, CCG, RPG… we love them all! ANd now, for the first time ever, the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird will be hosting a GAMING EVENT! We have at least 32 feet of tables – possibly MORE – dedicated to Tabletop Board Games. People selling their old games, people demonstrating new games, people trying to drum up interest for their games on Kickstarter, LOTS AND LOTS OF GAMES! And any spaces NOT being used for that? WIll be used for playing MORE GAMES!!!

Here’s a sampling of the folks that will be setting up and showing you what they got:

  • Let’s Play! Cafe – We couldn’t very well have a GAMING EVENT without inviting the local favorite, could we? They’ve searched their back rooms and forgotten passages for some pretty unique and wonderful stuff you don’t always find on the shelves!
  • All Games New and Old with Beauty & Geek – Our favorite local Board Game Review YouTube channel will be filming all weekend, as well as selling a small selection of dice trays, bags and items made from game related fabrics.
  • Jellyfish Game Studios – Vamp on the Batwalk: A vampire fashion show themed trick taking game where you cant see the front of your cards (because vampires cant see themselves in the mirror)
  • MEGA MINT Games – The Demonic Petting Zoo Game of “SATANIMALS”, and “A Royal Will” – A fast paced card game of bluffing and greed for 2-6 players. Both sound great!
  • Thing 12 Games – Dice of Crowns and Click Click Boom – Two of the greatest quick-play games we’ve ever played!
  • GL HF Games – An interactive deck-building game of eldritch intrigue that sounds RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

If you are interested in a reserved spot at one of these tables for YOUR playtesting, demoing, or even if it’s just to try and sell your giant pile of “We Played It Once And Now We Don’t Play It Any More” games – I’m looking at YOU, “Dead Of Winter” – you can sign up at https://form.jotform.com/220925585534057 at a rate of $50 per day for a 4’x30″ chunk of table! Do one day, do both days, buy all the spaces or just one – just get in here and connect with your fellow gamers!


Remember the “Apply Directly To Forehead” thing? Whatever happened to that?


The Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “Srung” event will be located at The Evergreen State Fairgrounds Building 600 (“The Don Britton Livestock Pavillion”) in Monroe, Washington. The building where the OLD Oddmall had always been held, Building 400 (“The Commercial Building”) is scheduled for demolition before our Oddmall, and I SWEAR I had nothing to do with it! I have an alibi! So anyways, SOMETIMES the Google Maps gives weird directions on how to get to our exact building, so just look for the signs. If you turn off US Highway 2 at Cascade View Drive? That’s your most direct route. But really, just follow the signs and you’ll be good!

We have SO MUCH FREE PARKING!!! There are limited Handicap and Non-Handicap spots near the front of the building, and then an ENTIRE EMPTY RV PARKING LOT that is ready for us to fill! Here we have both a picture of the Cascade View entrance to our Free Parking, as well as a map of the entire fairground for in case you miss the Cascade View Drive turn and end up at the opposite end of the fairgrounds from us!


Do you like weird surprises? Of course, we all do! Well, since State and Local mandates have been lifted you won’t HAVE TO wear a mask to the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “Sprung” Show, but if you DO wear one? You just might win one of over a HUNDRED different, Weird Door Prize!

All you have to do is show up and wear a mask! If Captain SLinky or one of his representatives sees you wearing your mask, they may give you a prize! IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!


Hopefully I’ll have time to upload pictures and profiles of all our staff here before the show? SO MUCH TO DO!!!