Games at Oddmall

Click the poster to apply!

For our Sprung show, we are opening up a very special area to showcase all the Tabletop Game Things! Maybe you have a stack of games you don’t play anymore and would like to try and sell them or swap them for different games with like-minded tabletop gamers – Board Games, RPG, Miniatures, CCG, Deck Builder, whatever – you should get a space! Maybe you make Dice, or DM Screens, or Dice Towers, or Playmats – you should get a space! Got a game you’ve been working on and you need to playtest it a bit more, or just want to raise awareness for your upcoming Kickstarter campaign? GET A SPACE!

Where will I be set up?

You will be right in the lobby where all of our guests will enter.  If you would like to be on the main sales floor (which costs more), please use this link instead:

What exactly am I paying for?

  • You are renting 1/2 of an 8′ x 30″ table and 5 chairs for 1 day – you can purchase for both days and you can rent as many spots as you like. 
  • You will be featured on Oddmall social medias and we will be promoting you as a vendor!  Oddmall has a large fan following – we have over 100 vendors and food trucks, it is a big draw and we anticipate large crowds.
  • You will have access to our Exclusive VIP Vendors Lounge* with complimentary coffee, snack and filtered water (bring a water bottle). *(“Exclusive VIP Vendor’s Lounge” is just a tiny office where we keep the coffee and snacks – but it has a window, so that’s nice!)
  • You will have access to our vendor support team – Seacon Staffing and our OddSquad.  They provide booth sitting and can bring you snacks/beverages – we have a convenient text line to request support. 

Why would a craft show be a good fit for game designers? 

Oddmall isn’t your typical craft show!  We are a juried event and are able to curate our shows to appeal to people with a love of horror, gothic, anime, pop culture etc.  Our customers tend to also gravitate toward comic con and gaming conventions.  There is a lot of crossover – we know our customers will be enthusiastic for games!

You can sign up for one of the special $50 gaming spaces by visiting or you can just click on the poster up there and it will take you to the form!