Merry Creepsmas


Creepsmas is that wonderful, magical period of time that starts at sunrise on November 1st and ends with the Shopping Nightmare known as “Black Friday”, where you’re not quite done with Halloween, but it’s almost time to put up the tree! The “Merry Creepsmas Between The Holidays Show” is the perfect combination and celebration where the two Holidays can meet somewhere in the middle, and give you the chance to buy the perfect, weird, odd, one-of-a-kind type of gifts for everyone on your list! With over a HUNDRED different, unique, hand-chosen local artists, crafters and vendors to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the type of stuff you never even knew you were looking for!


More than just a vendor show, our Merry Creepsmas Between-The-Holidays Show will feature all sorts of entertainment based on whatever the current COVID Mandates allow! We have plans for all sorts of fun featuring Krampus, Fairy Princess Lolly, AdriaThe Juggler, Santa, Live Music and MORE! Keep an eye out here on this page and on our Facebook Page for updates as they become available!


I, Captain Slinky, am personally an “At Risk” individual and am accustomed to taking some pretty severe precautions whenever dealing with The Public and you can expect my personal lifestyle to be applied to Oddmall. We have not yet solidified our COVID-19 Protocols for this event because we want to comply with all State and Local mandates, which seem to change on a nearly daily basis! As things are right now, though, here is what you can expect at this show:

  • Masks will be required at all times- and if you wear a Halloween Mask over your regular mask? That would be SO COOL!
  • The three large bay doors will remain open during all business hours to achieve maximum ventilation (and it brings in cross-traffic from the other events happening at the Fairgrounds the same weekend, so BONUS)!
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations will of course be plentiful and frequent!


With over 100 Artists, Crafters and other assorted Oddities, you’ll need this! Use this handy-dandy Map & Vendor Listing to find all your favorites or discover somebody new!


The Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “Merry Creepsmas” event will be located at The Evergreen State Fairgrounds Building 600 (“The Don Britton Livestock Pavillion”) in Monroe, Washington. The building where the OLD Oddmall had always been held, Building 400 (“The Commercial Building”) is scheduled for demolition before our Oddmall, and I SWEAR I had nothing to do with it! I have an alibi! So anyways, SOMETIMES the Google Maps gives weird directions on how to get to our exact building, so just look for the signs. If you turn off US Highway 2 at Cascade View Drive? That’s your most direct route. But really, just follow the signs and you’ll be good!


We have SO MUCH FREE PARKING!!! There are limited Handicap and Non-Handicap spots near the front of the building, and then an ENTIRE EMPTY RV PARKING LOT that is ready for us to fill! Here we have both a picture of the Cascade View entrance to our Free Parking, as well as a map of the entire fairground for in case you miss the Cascade View Drive turn and end up at the opposite end of the fairgrounds from us!