July 28, 2016 -ODDMALL: Vendor Village at Red Hook Brewery, Woodinville,WA



3 Spots have become available for this show!


As part of this Summer’s Red Hook Moonlight Cinema, Oddmall will be presenting a vendor village at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, Washington.

Join us under the stars for a very special movie night and a musical tribute to the late David Bowie.


Moonlight Cinema at Red Hook features a Beer Garden, Food Trucks, Live Music, Lawn games and now Oddmall! This event historically is very well attended and will be opening an hour early this week for our vendor village.

With the theme of the night being Labyrinth, vendors are encouraged to dress up in a costume that is theme appropriate. We will have some of our favorite Oddmall entertainers in attendance as well (Shout out to Fairy Princess Lolly and Wotan the Fairy Smasher!).

See you under the stars!


red hook map

The Following Vendors will be participating

  1. Mutiny Bay Studios

2 . Clownarific

3. Paper Butterfly Forge LLC

4. Silverthorne Crafts

5. MayhemHere Art

6. Journey Into Wholeness

7. Circle of Healing

8. Sculpture Soap

9. The Frolicking Nymph

10. SewCherie


12. DragonFire Candles

13. 13 KuriositiesLady Merlin’s Treasures

14. Uniquely Yours Jewelry


16. Two Thangs

17. Element 83 Creations

18. The Tinkers Daughter

19. Soap & Clay

20. Totally Bent

21. Rhododo

22. The Hammering Man

23. Waiting for Paint to Dry

24. Falcorations Odyssey