Registration /Show Rules

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Show Rules

• Our events are juried. Vendors selling handcrafted items that are unusual / weird/ fairy/ dark / steampunk / mystical /occult / magical/ horror and fantasy related items will be given preferential consideration.  A few retail vendors may also be considered.

Please see our covid page in the menu for current covid specific rules.

• You understand that space fees, once paid are non-refundable. This means we do not offer refunds, including if you cannot make it for any reason or you break our rules and are terminated as a seller.

• Rental tables and chairs are only available for some venues. You must request and pay for tables and chairs in advance, they are not available the day of the event.  Otherwise you are responsible to bring your own table and chairs.

• Do not use nails or anything that will damage or mark the walls or floors.

• No free-range glitter or confetti. No lit flames. Be courteous with things that smell.

• You understand that your space must be set up and ready for customers 15 minutes before start time and you must remain open until all customers have left the space. You may not tear down or consolidate any merchandise prior to all customers leaving the space after the posted end time.

• You understand that you must arrive no later than 45 minutes before our start time. (IE if the show starts at 10am, you must arrive absolutely no later than 9:15am If you arrive later that 45 minutes before our start time you will not be allowed to set up and you will forfeit your booth fees.

• Leave your space as clean as you found it on check in, pick up all garbage, zip ties, etc. and take them with you. Do not leave your garbage at the venue.

• By signing this agreement, you and your representatives agree to release Oddmall* and its representatives, the venue and their representatives from any and all claims, demands, actions or suits resulting in any way relating from any event you sign up for.

• All items must be handmade (unless specifically approved).

• Your product must stay within the confines of the space you paid for without consent from a representative of the Oddmall* team.

• The consequence of breaking any of the rules set here may include termination of your ability to sell at Oddmall* shows and the forfeiture of any advance fees already paid.

• The individual who was juried in to Oddmall*, and is a member of our group must be present at your booth space at all times during each show. We must receive a signed contract from anyone else (even a spouse) that is sent in your place. If someone else shows up without submitting a signed contract prior to the day of the show, they will be sent away and you will forfeit your fees.

• You understand it is your responsibility to collect & pay any taxes for any sales you make.

• Each booth can have 2 adults present. Please do not bring an entire family. If your booth requires more than two people, please discuss with Oddmall* representative before paying

• Tents and/or canopy frames are not allowed without prior approval and indication on your signed contract.

• Types of items that cannot be sold at these events ABSOLUTELY No drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, nudity, pornography, food items in open containers

Our preferred method of payment is via PayPal.  Other payment options may be available upon request. No spots will be considered secure until your payment is received in full and your application is received and approved.

We are not responsible for lost mail or email failure. We reserve the right to refuse any vendor as these are juried events.

2 thoughts on “Registration /Show Rules”

    1. I’m so sorry it took so long to respond to you about Oddmall! We are currently out of spaces for the SPRUNG show at the end of April, but we will be opening up applications for the gibe November CREEPSMAS SHOW some time during the first week of May! Shoot us an email at and we’ll be sure to put you on our notification list!

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