Welcome to Oddmall: The Emporium of the Weird! presented by Seattle Weekly

Floom-glassesThe Comcast Arena event Center will play host to one of Seattle’s most unusual and creative celebrations of arts, crafts, and culture when Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird comes to Everett for 2 days!

Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird will showcase the artistic works of over 150 local artists, crafters, artisans and performers. Shoppers will enjoy the thousands of wonderfully handcrafted items and imaginative creations on display and for sale. An abundance of original artwork, jewelry, sculpture, furniture, plush animals, toys, games, clothing, and other wonders will be featured. Despite its name, not everything at Oddmall is odd. Plenty of more mundane items can be found nestled among the curiosities, but these only make the strange stuff stranger by comparison.

Oddmall also hosts a number of talented performers and musical acts.

Oddmall was founded in 2009 by illustrator, author, and game designer Andy Hopp and a team of hardworking volunteers. “Our goal is to introduce the people of Seattle to the amazing variety of artistic and creative talent that lurks within their midst,” Hopp says. “I am continually overwhelmed and humbled by the fantastic imaginations and incredible ingenuity I encounter at every Oddmall. Seattle has some ridiculously talented people and I’m honored to have the opportunity to show them off.”

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