Time is running out! Starving Artist payment program ends on 3/21/14!

ImageAre you interested in signing up for Oddmall: The Emporium of the Weird? Need a little extra time to pay your booth fees? We have a payment plan that will work for you. We take your payment and divide it into 3 equal payments spread out over time. No credit check, no finance charges, no hidden fees, just our way of making life a little easier for you. The way it works is simple, apply for a booth by filling out the form located here: www.oddmallseattle.wordpress.com/registration , upon completion of the form, it will take you to Paypal,when you get to Paypal, simply exit out. We will have captured your information. At this time, send an email to Oddmallseattle@gmail.com requesting a payment plan. We will get back to you asap to set it up for you.



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