A Strange and Unusual collection is coming to Oddmall!


The Museum of Curious Things is a traveling collection of oddities and curiosities from around the world. Housed in a 1971 ’27 foot Airstream trailer the museum exhibits some of the strange and obscure treasures from around the world. It’s loaded with bizarre inventions, crypto-zoological samples, anatomical oddities, unusual taxidermy, medical mishaps, historical mysteries and much, much more. Check out the two headed calf, shrunken heads, Chupacabra, Sasquach footprints and a piece of the Berlin wall. Our wonders will have you talking for days afterward. 

Our goal is to stimulate the brain’s natural curiosity, educate people of all ages on the wonders of the unknown and preserve a part of American Culture that has been lost.


Don’t miss the Museum of Curious Things located just outside the main entrance to Oddmall (in the parking lot).

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