An Oddmall Poem!

‘Twas the week before Oddmall ,
We’re sure that you’ve heard
Holiday shopping for everyone even your favorite nerd!
Artists and crafters all over the place, The vendors are working at a feverish pace.Over 112 booths for you to explore, so shop, shop, shop, and then shop some more.
In only a few days Oddmall will be here. We hope that you join us for our show this year.
So many wonderful creations for you to see,We hope that you say “this is coming home with me!” And don’t you forget that Santa will be there, so boys and girls get ready and please brush your hair. Pictures can be purchased for only ten dollars, oh wow that’s a deal your mama will holler! On the 21st and 22nd is when Oddmall takes place
so who is coming to Oddmall? RSVP and touch base!

November ODdmall Facebook Header

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