2019 Booth sale – Best Deal Ever!!!


Hello friends,

Because I love you and also because you asked politely, I am increasingly excited to announce, once again, the Oddmall HANUKAH IN FEBRUARY IN SEPTEMBER $150.00 BOOTH SALE!!!!! (Regular price $195.00)

Nab one booth or two or three or even four at any Oddmall show in 2019 for only $150!! It’s that simple. Just select the appropriate options when choosing your booth. .It’s so absurdly simple only a complete buffoon could possibly flub it up (just kidding; if it gives you trouble or you can’t figure it out please email David  and I’ll help you through it).

It’s happening now through the month of September and applies to any booth at any 2019 show!

emotion_FerrisWheel5xreg emotion_FerrisWheel5x

Use code SEPT2019 to get the discount.

Offer expires at 11:59pm on 9/30/18

Not valid on prior purchases.

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