ODDMALL Vendor Spotlight

final posterToday we are proud to be spotlighting these 8 vendors!

Shanna Duncan Art

Custom vinyl-painted figures, t-shirts, postcards, prints, originals, sculptures

Fiddlehead Creations

We sell one-of-kind eco-friendly paper (wrapping paper and notecards) and hand-crafted textiles (pillows, scarves, and bags.) Each product features our unique designs that originate from our nature photography. We use our products to inspire conservation by providing an up-close look at nature’s beauty. Our customers develop a greater appreciation of nature while knowing a percentage of their purchase goes towards nature conservation.


Rowdy Sasquatch

Laser engraving gifts featuring Bigfoot related items, gifts and teeshirts




I will be selling prints and originals of chalk pastel drawings and oil paintings depicting bizarre and absurd scenes of freaky/cute cartoon characters. My style is bright, vibrant, colorful, deceptively dark, edgy, psychedelic and busy. I will also be selling postcard sized prints and copies of my step drawings, curriculum for children to create my characters with simple shape construction.


Geek Tree

I sell geeky and fantasy themed Christmas stockings and ornaments.


My Lucky Dragon

I sew nerd/geek inspired clothes, bags and purses. I also make soap and bath items.


Full Moon Rising Body Care

I make all natural hemp cbd and arnica body care for pain relief.


Scaling Down the Past

Whimsical miniature dinosaur sculptures and
Hand-carved wood wall art

Hassidisaurus.jpg 1-SaranRaptor.jpg


You can see all of our participants here:


final poster


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