Oddmall Spaces are available, but there’s a catch…

THREE SPACES are now available for the upcoming Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird CREEPSMAS 2 “Between-The-Holidays” Art, Craft & Gift Show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA this coming November 12-13, and they’re even CHEAPER than ANY OTHER SPACES WE HAVE PREVIOUSLY OFFERED!!! So yeah, OF COURSE there’s a catch đŸ˜¦

These spaces are in the Outside Covered Patio area. It’s a great, dry, 20′ roof over a concrete patio. These spaces all have a nice wall behind them (I know I always go for spaces with a wall behind me). One of the spaces has electricity, the other two have faucets (weird, right?) and they are just $100 per 10’x10′ space! The down-sides to these spaces are, obviously, that they are outside where we keep all the cold and wind. We have put vendors out there before and the biggest complaints were from people who weren’t used to doing outdoor events. To take one of these spaces, you need to be prepared with a jacket and a way to secure your product over night. Great bargain for anyone who’s prepared for outdoor sales!

If you’re interested, contact us ASAP at csoddmall@gmail.com so we can send you an invoice and get you on the map!

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