In previous years, we have offered a semi-professional photographs with Krampus to all our customers, but there were some pretty major flaws and delays in the system which meant there were a lot of folks who just never got their pictures! That’s why THIS YEAR, we’re doing things a bit differently – YOU CAN TAKE YOUR OWN DANG PICTURE!

No, SERIOUSLY! We all walk around with these thousand-dollar digital photography studios in our pockets that we call “Phones”, right? Well let’s use them! We will have one of our people right there in the Lobby with Krampus and his Brats ready to take as many pics as you like WITH YOUR OWN PHONE! And there you have it! No waiting for digitization, no uploading, no download codes, just “Hey now I have a picture of ME AND KRAMPUS” and then you post it to your favorite Social Media Platform!

Because we live in The Future!

Oh, and you could win some of the weirdest prizes, too, just by tagging us in your post! Did I forget to mention that? YEAH! Take your picture with Krampus, Squatcho Man, Monoculon or Doc! Post it! Tag us (INSTAGRAM: @csoddmall FACEBOOK: @OddmallPNW, or just use the hastag of #Creepsmas2 on any other social media platform) and you could be walking away with a prize worth more than FIFTY DOLLARS! Three times this weekend – Once on Saturday, Twice on Sunday) I will make an announcement over the loudspeakers. All you’ll have to do is show us your post where you tagged us or used the hashtag, and YOU WIN!

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