200 Motels

If you get this Frank Zappa reference, then we can be friends

Hey folks, Captain Slinky here…

I’ve been trying to get us a block of hotel rooms in Monroe for the upcoming Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird Art, Craft, Gift & Toy Show April 29-30 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA, and it looks like it just isn’t going to happen. It’s either NO DISCOUNT for groups under (INSERT NUMBER OF ROOMS THE HOTEL HAS), or they want to charge us MORE per room in order to hold them! I’m obviously doing something wrong, and I am sorry that I have failed you 😦

Hopefully, you will find this list of links to the closest-to-the-fairgrounds local hotels, along with my personal observations of them, to be helpful!

EVERGREEN INN & SUITES, MONROE – This is the hotel that Captain and Mama Slinky will likely be staying at. It’s back enough from the road that it’s nice and quiet, but really close to everything you could ever need. ADA Compliant, free continental breakfast with both Waffles AND Sausage Gravy (this is how I judge hotels). As clean and as modern as a late-90’s hotel can be without, like, a MAJOR renovation.

BEST WESTERN SKY VALLEY INN – It’s a Best Western. Ever been to a Best Western? Even if you haven’t been to a Best Western, just think what the words “Best Western Inn” brings to mind. Got it? Yeah, that’s it. It’s EXACTLY that. Pet friendly! “Includes Breakfast” which, in my experience, means bagels, donuts and yogurt to go. If it don’t say “International”, it ain’t got Waffles & Sausage Gravy! Probably the newest of the options, though.

FAIRGROUNDS INN – This is the hotel your dad lived in for a while when your Mom left him. It’s a place that JUST BY LOOKING AT IT, you’re pretty sure you know what it smells like in there. Right on a VERY busy, loud road. No breakfast at all (*siiiiigh*) other than a vending machine. Amenities include Bathroom, Soap, Electricity, Water… very basic. Oddly enough, I think the rooms her are the most updated of any hotel in Monroe, though, having a strong 2012 vibe!

EVERGREEN STATE FAIRGROUNDS RV PARK – And of course if any of you are Recreational-Vehicling your way here, the Fairgrounds has an official RV park that is very reasonably priced and we’ve never heard a complaint from any vendors that have chosen to stay there. No breakfast as far as I know, sooooo…

There’s probably more in the area, these are just the ones I know are closest to the Fairgrounds. You could probably stay in Woodinville or even Bothell and have a 20-minute drive to the fairgrounds if you like, you might even save a buck or two!

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