The Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird SPRUNG Art, Craft, Gift & Gaming Show Vendor Applications are once again OPEN and we are READY to take your applications! Visit today! “But Captain,” I hear you saying to your screen, “What does THAT have to do with that big image up there that says Captain Slinky in conjunction with The Sno-Co Toy Show Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird CREEPSMAS Part 3: Dawn of The Toys?

Every year, our annual “Between The Holidays” holiday of Creepsmas is our BIGGEST SHOW of the year – we’ve even had vendors SELL OUT OF PRODUCT at these Creepsmas events! It’s gotten SO POPULAR, we end up turning away dozens of vendors every year! So THIS year, we’re kicking it up a notch or 27 by renting out *TWO BUILDINGS*! And so we will have, in the Don Britton Livestock Pavilion (the building we have had every post-pandemic show in thus far), the Sno-Co Toy Show with over a hundred vendors selling you toys, collectables and other great Holiday Gift Items that probably won’t be hand-made… and then next door in the giant EVENT CENTER we will have nearly TWO HUNDRED MORE VENDORS selling you the same weird-o art, craft, gift and whatnot you’ve come to love and expect from your old pal Captain Slinky and our little Crafttacular Freak Show!

This is, of course, a HUGE RISK. But it sounds SO COOL! The paperwork is already signed! The wheels are more than in motion! Many of you know that we have made a vow to never, EVER promote or sell an event we don’t have 100% certainty of moving forward with, and by golly we are moving FORWARD!

“Okay, Slinky, you’ve got my interest; how do I sign up?” I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED! YOU CAN’T! YET!

HOWEVER! Those who have signed up for a space at either our April 29/30 Oddmall SPRUNG show or the May 27th Sno-Co-Toy Show will have FIRST CRACK at the spaces for CREEPSMAS! You’ll get full week head start to choose your spaces – you all want corner spaces, right? THIS is your best chance at getting a corner!

Head on over to to get a space at our SPRUNG show, or to and get on the list! HURRY! You won’t want to miss this one!


  1. Hi!

    I am sure you are INUNDATED with emails, but to clarify- the links for fall show are for NON handmade and the handmade will come later? Or should I apply to this toy show?

    Thanks for the clarification!

    Faith Little Dumpling Arts 🥟

    1. Currently there are no links to the Fall show – people who vend at the Spring Shows will get first crack at spaces for the Giant Combined Fall Show for about a WEEK before we open it up to the general public. SO if you want o be ASSURED of getting a space at the Fall show, you should try and get a space at one of the Spring shows. In the Fall, “CREEPSMAS” (Nov. 11-12) will be in two buildings – Oddmall Hand-Made Art, Craft, Gift stuff will be in THE BIG BUILDING with room for almost 200 artists, SnoCo Toy Show in the smaller building with room for around 130 vendors selling toys, comics, novelties, collectables, antiques, etc. Smaller building will be more like a Comic Con Flea Market, Larger building will be good old Oddmall weirdness 😉 I hope this helps?

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