And now, an Oddmall message from Dean Pelton of Greendale Community College regarding spaces for our “SPRUNG” Show April 29-30

Well I’m a peanut bar and I’m here to say
There’s only 12 Oddmall spaces left as of today!

Another day, another dime, another rhyme, another dollar
Another stuffed shirt with another white collar!

Criminals, Wall Street, taking the pie
And all the black man gets is a plate of white lies!

Prisons RECRUITIN’ ’em, police be SHOOTIN’ ’em
Rap artists LOOTIN’ ’em! Labels all DILUTIN’ ’em!

Barack Obama is a-SCARED of ME!
‘Cause I don’t swallow knowledge AND I SPIT IT FOR FREE!

Well! As The Dean said, there are only TWELVE VENDOR SPACES left for the big Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “SPRUNG” Art, Craft, Gift & Gaming Show April 29-30 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA! And just NINE SPACES left in the Designated Gaming Area! ACT FAST! Head to and get you a space before they’re all gone!

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