If there’s one thing we Sprung folk love, it’s the indoorsiest of indoor activities – TABLETOP GAMES. Board Games, Miniatures Games, CCG, RPG… we love them all! And now, for the second year in a row, the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird will be hosting a GAMING EVENT! We have at least 220 feet of tables – possibly MORE – dedicated to Tabletop Board Games, game makers, game publishers and gaming accessories. People selling their old games, people demonstrating new games, people trying to drum up interest for their games on Kickstarter, LOTS AND LOTS OF GAMES! And any spaces NOT being used for that? Will be used for playing MORE GAMES!!!

Here’s a sampling of the folks that will be setting up and showing you what they got:

  • Let’s Play Cafe (Local Game Store) is THE local game shop! A great mix of board games, CCG, Miniatures and Arcade Games! We can’t have a gaming convention and NOT invite the FLGS!
  • Nerd Wood Designs is coming all the way from Oregon to be with us and offer a wide assortment of gaming accessories and cool fantasy signage!
  • Blue Dragon Dice hoards and collects shiny click-clacks of unusually whimsical fashion! These dice really stand out and make everyone at the table go “Whoa, where did you get those DICE?!?”
  • Game Cultivation brings with them a wide assortment of gaming accessories that ALWAYS draw a crowd!
  • Thing 12 Games – Dice of Crowns and Click Click Boom – Two of the greatest quick-play games we’ve ever played!
  • Counter Clockwork Games is the creator/publisher of one of our favorite games, The Shadow Over Westminster – the only board game I know with a twist ending every time!
  • Briarpatchpumpkin creates incredible Magic Items and Gaming Assets that liven up any gaming environment!
  • Weird Works LLC has artwork and stickers and tarot decks and gaming stuff – they’re new, I haven’t experienced any of their stuff yet!
  • Pie Slice Dice makes quality, precision dice that you can really feel the difference! You have to hold them for yourself in order to experience the luxury!
  • Duncecap Games is a local publisher of great “In-Between” games that the whole gaming group can love!
  • Studio Tophat is going to be your new favorite place to be – fun, cheap, creative and all about spreading the love of gaming!
  • Woodstock Games makes a new game called “Dice Fights” that I am kind of obsessed with – I love it when a game looks like it was as fun to make as it is to play!
  • The Doodle Realms is completely new to us, and it looks awesome! The type of creativity and devotion to an idea we love!
  • Bored Dragon Woodworking makes some absolutely wonder gaming accessories from wood, an absolute essential addition to any game group!

If you are interested in a reserved spot at one of these tables for YOUR playtesting, demoing, or even if it’s just to try and sell your giant pile of “We Played It Once And Now We Don’t Play It Any More” games – I’m looking at YOU, “Dead Of Winter” – you can sign up at https://form.jotform.com/220925585534057 A 10’x10′ space is just $75 ($200 the standard vendor booth fee because I LOVE GAMES) and you could split it with a buddy if you like – just get in here and connect with your fellow gamers!

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