Cascade View Drive & The Secret of FREE PARKING (On Saturday)

YES the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird is a FREE event, and YES we have FREE PARKING… BUT! There is another event at the fairgrounds on Saturday that doesn’t love it’s customers as much as Captain Slinky loves all of you, and they’re making THEIR customers PAY FOR PARKING on Saturday! Lucky for you, we have an official BACK-UP PLAN!

Please refer to this handy map of The Fairgrounds. Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it. But here you see that if you just exit the main highway at the Cascade View Drive, you can slip right in to the YELLOW LOT where parking is FREEEEEE!!! There will be no “Inside-The-Fairgrounds Parking” on Saturday, you will HAVE to park in that Yellow Lot and walk. Handicap Parking should be available and clearly marked by the time the show starts, The Fairgrounds is still working it out.

If you would like to get full instructions on how to get to Oddmall April 29-30, check out our all-new SPRUNG 2 OFFICIAL LANDING PAGE!


You’ll also find a list of all our vendors, game makers, food trucks, how to win “Valuable” prizes and more! Check it out!

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