GREAT NEWS! We just got word from The Fairgrounds that the event which HAD been planning on charging for on-grounds parking on Saturday (because they don’t love you like Captain Slinky loves you) has decided AGAINST CHARGING FOR PARKING!!!

ALL THE PARKING AT THE FAIRGROUNDS IS NOW FREE! Not just our little “Yellow Lot”! This means we can have right-at-the-building ADA Parking!

Let me tell ya, I was NOT looking forward to fielding a slew of complaints from folks who felt duped by our claims of Free Parking for our event only to find it was just one specific parking lot! Like, I could feel it… it…

So! Now that ALLLLLLL the parking is free, you REALLY need to come on down to the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “SPRUNG 2” Art, Craft, Gift & Gaming Show April 29-30 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA!

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