Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “CREEPSMAS 2” Update!

Click a Creepsmas Elf on the nose to apply NOW!

The map for the Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “Creepsmas 2” Art, Craft & Gift show has been updated! The show isn’t till November 12-13 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA and we’ve got less than 30 spaces (out of 95) left – and we haven’t even done any advertising! It’s all been positive word-of-mouth from our family of happy vendors and even happier customers! It gets me all verklempt just thinking about it! Thank you all for your faith, trust and love!

There’s still time to sign up for this show, just go ahead and click right here to apply! It’s free to submit an application to our esteemed panel of judges, you won’t be charged till after you’ve been approved (the flip-side of that coin, though, is that you’re not guaranteed a spot untill you’ve paid in full), so why not?


Hey folks; Captain Slinky here. Do you like GAMES? Because I *love* games! That’s why we have decided to dedicate our entire lobby area and most of our outdoor space to GAMING!!! If you’re a game maker, a game seller, or maker of gaming accessories? You should totally get one of our specially-priced Indoor Lobby Featured Gaming Spaces! Otherwise, just come on down to find a new game and PLAY! Free admission, free parking, free gaming, tons of art and crafts and stuff you KNOW you need, food trucks… it’s all here! Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird “SPRUNG” Show, Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington! Click the link to get more info on our main show, and go to for information on how to get in on one of those indoor game seller spotlight spaces!


The Krampus has been contained, the juggler has been primed, the door prizes have all been wrapped – all we need now is like over 100 Odd Vendors and a fistful of food trucks and – OH WAIT! WE HAVE THOSE READY, TOO!!! You should totally come! Captain Slinky Presents Oddmall Emporium of The Weird MERRY CREEPSMAS Between-The-Holidays Art, Craft & Gift SHow, November 13-14 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA – Building 600, The Don Britton Livestock Pavillion! Here… here’s a map!

The Don Britton Livestock Pavillion is on the East Side of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, so the easiest and most direct access is to turn on to Cascade View Drive – if you’re using a GPS Map Thingee to get here, just put in that you want to go to the Western Heritage Center in Monroe, it’ll take you right there. But really, just follow the Oddmall signs and you’ll be good to go!

Free parking, free admission, door prizes, over 100 vendors, jugglers, Krampus, Food Trucks, weird stuff, oddities galore, and really what else were you gonna do this weekend? GET IN HERE! We look forward to seeing you!

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